About Our Office
From teeth whitening and veneers to periodontal treatments and extractions, Dr. Thomas Kintonis offers specialized cosmetic dental services with up-to-date techniques to achieve painless, quality results.

Let us put you on a path to a "Perfect Smile".

Once you make an appointment with us, you’ll meet with our team to discuss the best treatment plan that fits your dental needs and budget. Whether you are missing teeth due to an injury or your bite is keeping you from chewing and smiling comfortably, our trained dental professionals will determine the correct procedures to improve your smile.

Make Your Visit Painless and Comfortable

In addition to complete services in cosmetic dentistry, we also provide treatments for patients who require extensive dental work or suffer from dental anxiety. Gone are the days of avoiding necessary dental procedures simply out of fear.

Call Dr. Thomas Kintonis today and improve your smile today.
Services We're Proud to Offer

We are proud to provide exceptional care to our patients. We offer a variety of treatment options that allow us to develop customized treatment plans designed to best fit the needs of your unique situation. Below are some of the treatment options we are proud to offer our patients. 

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